Construction Project Management Software – Size Does Matter!

Construction companies

Construction companies seeking to implement new construction project management software often do not know where to begin, partly because of the wide variety of products available, and partly because those products cover a wide gamut of functionality, integration, interface, and other general size-related issues.

In other words, it is sometimes difficult to get the perfect sized construction project management software solution. Too often, construction companies end up with either too large or too small a fit. Some construction companies might actually harm their business if the software fit is so out of proportion that the software becomes so time and effort intensive that it costs more to operate than it is worth.

For the small construction company, such as a locally operating landscaping, home improvement, or similar small operation, a basic software package will undoubtedly serve quite well, providing the small company has developed and adopted some of the commonly practiced construction business procedures and processes that many of the software packages are based on.

Many software companies offer basic construction project management packages designed to fit most small business models. One common difficulty is that some of the small operators often do not have very many official business processes or procedures established; thus, many of the construction software packages might not be readily adaptable, until the business model is changed to fit the basic common denominators used in the software business models. Customization is common; although not all software is created equal in that arena.For more details, go to

Of course, on the opposite end of the scale, when dealing with large construction companies, similar issues might arise where some of the business model procedures and processes do not exactly fit any of the software packaged solutions. In such situations, it is necessary to either revisit the business model, or customize the software package.

Few construction project management software packages come with true “plug ‘n’ play” implementation. This is understandable, since most businesses vary in their operations, at least to some degree. Most reputable and recognized construction software companies provide solid bases to build on; and most also provide enough customizing functionality to fit the software to the business model if necessary.

Construction companies

It should be noted here that the most reputable and recognized leaders in the construction project management software industry are very likely to have thoroughly researched and built their products around the most commonly practiced construction business models. Therefore, they are likely to have some functionality which might be quite foreign to some construction companies.

This is not a bad thing; rather, it can be a true benefit to some construction companies, in that it can provide help for the construction companies to make improvements to their processes and procedures that might have been costing more than necessary.

So, size does matter! Selecting the right software for your construction company is like buying the right pair of shoes. If they don’t fit well, they will be very uncomfortable, and potentially detrimental to overall health! If they do fit well, they can bring about many positive and beneficial improvements in overall health!