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How to Seal Your Concrete Garage Floor

Concrete flooring has become a very popular choice for a host of reasons today with more home owners using this within their garage. However, while you might think once concrete is laid out that is all you have to worry about, that isn’t quite the case. If you want to improve the look of the concrete and even keep it lasting for longer, you are going to have to seal the concrete. This is not something you might be familiar with so it’s time you learned how to seal the concrete flooring.

Choose a Sealant

Choosing your flooring is one part of the task, there are many more issues to think about especially when it comes to finishing the floor correctly. Concrete is popular for a reason and if you want to seal the floor you are going to have to think about the type of sealant you want. There are quite a few options to consider such as topical and acrylic sealers. You are also able to choose from others like polyurethane as well as epoxy. It’s very important to choose a sealant so you have to take the time to look at what each has to offer in order to find the right one.

Preparing the Area

Next, you have to prepare the area in which you are going to add the sealant. This essentially means preparing the garage or driveway for the sealant and doing so in the correct manner. You might have to give the concrete a good wash even if the concrete doesn’t appear overly dirty. You have to remove any and all dirt by washing the area thoroughly and leaving the concrete for at least twenty four hours. When the concrete has been washed and treated then you will be able to apply the sealer. The concrete flooring can look good once the sealer has been applied.

Adding the Sealant

Ideally you should be starting at the end of the garage so that you can work your way back to the doorway and not trampling over the parts you have already treated. You can add a thicker layer of sealant but if you do, ensure you cover it all equally. Once the sealant has been applied you need to ensure you leave it for sufficient time to dry. Far too many people leave their sealants to dry for maybe a few hours at best but that might not be enough time. When you are choosing your flooring and using a sealant, you need to ensure its given time to dry properly. More details here: http://www.completerealtyga.com/tile-trends-thatll-floor/

Maintain the Sealant

You have to maintain the sealant and that means keeping the sealant dry and free from moisture as much as possible. Yes, it’s easy enough to say keep the garage perfectly clean but it’s about cleaning up spillages and any dirt from the area as quickly as possible. This will help to keep the sealant lasting longer. Concrete flooring can work for you and can be a great addition to any home but you need to seal it right.

Seal Your Concern with Ease

Concrete is a fairly simple material to work with but things can and will go wrong if you don’t seal it correctly. Yes, it might seem difficult to seal the floor but it can be easy when you know what to do. That is why there are so many who are choosing to seal their concrete floors. What is more you can actually get a long lasting floor with a good sealant. Love the look of your concrete flooring and hopefully it will last a lifetime.