Five new tile trends that’ll floor you

 Beautiful Tile Flooring options are more readily available than ever. With color, shape, and size re imagined to fit old and emerging styles, tile is the latest and greatest in home design trends.

Sleek Subway

For a classic Tile Flooring trend that is here to stay, consider subway tiles. Ceramic subway tiles are easy to install and extra durable, making them great for rooms that work a little harder than the rest, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Traditional white will make a statement, but to really draw attention, modernize your subway wall with glossy or colored tiles. Stacked or staggered, this minimalistic approach will look great no matter how you use it.

Much larger Subway Tiles

It’s been over a hundred years since this traditional 3″ x 6″ tile first graced the walls of the New York subway system. Having shortly thereafter becoming popular in our kitchen areas and bathroom, it’s probably a great time for a far more modern take on this traditional style. Subway Tile Flooring is now offered in bigger sizes, with the 3′ x 12′ format now finding plenty useful in kitchen backsplashes and showering wall space. Manufacturers are also starting to produce glass editions of these greater tiles.

Arabesque/ Moroccan Shapes

What was old is actually new once more, as these habits continue to withstand with a classic sophistication. Generally used as backsplashes, they’re finding application in both modern and basic baths and kitchens.

The Look of Wood

With the warm appearance and grainy feel of solid wood, you’ll be astonished to find that Tile Flooring is actually made of porcelain. A high-tech, ink-jet glazing process has helped create a hardwood look that is much more durable than the real thing, better to fight the wear from high heels, domestic pets and normal daily use. Search for a variety of styles on the marketplace, from rustic/old barn timber to more clean and modern day offerings.

Porcelains that Look Like Natural Stone

The same Tile Flooring technology in charge creating an authentic wood surface from porcelain is also working its magic with these tiles that mimic gorgeous natural stone. Nobody will know the difference but you, mainly because you will be alert to how little maintenance this material requires after installation.

Water Jet Marble Pieces

Water jet technology allows breathtakingly complicated habits to be minimize into real natural stone. Depending on your finances, costing can be just as heart-stopping. Most of these products are usually more contemporary however you like, for use in baths, kitchens and grand entryways.

Technology has played out a key role in these styles, enabling more practical and affordable looks, as well as some creative and unique designs that would not have been possible recently.

Tile Flooring Technology within the last three years has really come a long way. To have the ability to give people the stunning look they may be aiming for with zero-maintenance and affordable solutions. Visit this site for more information :